Concession Cuts

Posted on: Wednesday, 8 March 2017 at 3:40:08 PM



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The State Government’s decision to cut vehicle licence concessions for Local Governments will cost the sector up to an additional $10 million per annum.

These cuts will affect all WA Local Governments, not just on their vehicle registrations each year but also on State stamp duty charges as vehicles are replaced over time.

With Local Governments’ limited means to raise revenue, this additional cost they are now required to pay the State will have to be funded either through significant budget reductions most likely leading to reduced services, or raised rates to meet the revenue shortfall.

This is another example of cost shifting from State to Local Government as an easy fix to the State’s dire financial situation rather than redressing overspend or achieving genuine savings.

The Shire of Shark Bay has joined the campaign to have this decision reversed immediately in light of the impact it will have on all Local Governments and their communities.

Cost By Owner - Insurance Duty Exempt


Total Renewal Cost /12 Month AFTER removal of 511 From 30 Jun 2017 - Excluding Insurance Duty

Total Renewal Cost/12 month with 511 concession - Prior to 30 Jun 2017
(Nil Insurance Duty & nil Licence fee)


Number of Vehicles currently with active 511 concession

Number of Vehicles currently with active 511 concession - Light

Number of Vehicles currently with active 511 concession -Heavy

Number of Vehicle entitle to 401*Concession









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