World Heritage Drive

World Heritage Drive

Shark Bay is testimony to the wonders of the natural world. So significant is its natural beauty that the region earned a prestigious World Heritage listing in 1991.

Shark Bay is famous for its friendly Monkey Mia dolphins, yet the dolphins are only one part of the remarkable Shark Bay story.

Celebrating its World Heritage status, Shark Bay now offers the Shark Bay World Heritage Drive, a 130km drive commencing at the Overlander Roadhouse on the North West Coastal Highway through to Monkey Mia.

The Drive encompasses the most fascinating features of the area. Here you can get in touch with the Earth's evolutionary and biological history, its unique natural formations and seek out habitats where threatened species survive.


Attractions worth visiting during your drive include:

  • The ancient stromatolites giving us an insight into the evolution of our world

  • Shell Beach - named for its brilliant white beach made entirely of shells

  • Eagle Bluff - where you may spot some of Shark Bay's amazing array of marine life including dugongs, turtles and manta rays.

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