Community Development

The Shire of Shark Bay recognises the importance of active and engaged communities and supports the community's desire for well-maintained parks, sporting grounds, recreational spaces and community facilities. The Community Development Team are happy to assist community groups and organisations with funding applications and assistance with delivering projects and programs.

Please contact the Community Development Team on 9948 1218 or  

Early Years

In recent years, Shark Bay population has increased in the early years aged bracket and the Shire of Shark Bay continues to support and provide opportunites for familiies to grow in our community. Your child can play and learn at the two playgrounds located in Denham and attend Kindy Gym, Family Day Care and Shark Bay School. National Children's Week is an annual event celebrated in our community. 

For further information about Shark Bay community groups, please refer to the contact details listed on the Community Directory

Young People

The term young people describe people aged 12 – 24 years. The Shire of Shark Bay gives young people in our community a voice through consultation directly at the Shark Bay School and Shark Bay Youth Group, and also through workshops, community forums and youth specific activities and events. The Shire of Shark Bay reinforces that young people’s contribution is valuable, is an important way to increase their participation in and contribution to the community. National Youth Week is an annual event celebrated in our community

To join the Shark Bay Youth Group, please refer to the contact details listed on the Community Directory. 


The seniors community are active members in Shark Bay and we strive to support our senior residents by providing access to information that is up-to-date and relevant. The Shire of Shark Bay consults directly with the Denham Seniors Group about access and inclusion, workshops, community forums and senior specific activities and events. Herald Denham Centre Units provide 13 low cost long term rentals, the units are designed for independent living. National Seniors Week is an annual event celebrated in our community. 

To join the Denham Seniors Group, please refer to the contact details listed on the Community Directory. 

Spaces and Places

The Shire of Shark Bay encourages the use of all public open spaces for sporting and community events. Places and spaces that are available to hire include the Town Oval, Denham Hall, Denham Foreshore and Shark Bay Recreation Centre precinct. For further information, please visit the Venue Booking page. 

Arts and Culture

The Shire of Shark Bay is committed to support and enhancing the growth of a creative, artistc and culturally diverse community. Shark Bay is a place of unique diversity, community life is celebrated and enriched by its population. Community groups including the Shark Bay Arts Council and the Shark Bay Entertainers drive the creative community of Shark Bay and presents art classes, theatre, photography and more. 

Shark Bay Community Bus

The Shark Bay Community Bus is available to hire for domiciled community groups and private use upon approval. Contact the Shire's Community Development Team for more information.