Holiday Houses

Shire of Shark Bay Local Planning Policy No 1 - Holiday Houses in Residential Area's

The Shire of Shark Bay supports the need for a mix of diverse accommodation within Denham Townsite. The development of holiday houses is controlled under the provisions of the Shire of Shark Bay Local Planning Scheme No 4 (the Scheme).

A holiday house is defined in the Shire of Shark Bay Local Planning Scheme No 4 as ‘means a single dwelling on one lot used to provide short-term accommodation but does not include a bed and breakfast’. 

In other words it is a house that is rented out for short periods, such as to people on holidays.  It does not include a private home that is used exclusively by the owners for their own holidays.

Council may approve the use of a single house as a holiday house via a development application provided it complies with the Scheme, and where it can be demonstrated that such facilities are compatible with the surrounding area.

All holiday houses (for short stay accommodation) require planning approval. 

The Shire has a Local Planning Policy aimed at assisting owners to adequately plan and manage accommodation.  The Shire has developed a series of templates that owners can use and fill out as part of the application process. 

Where the Shire issues a planning approval for a holiday house, the premises will automatically be entered on a Holiday House Register maintained by the Shire. 

As there are a number of existing premises operating without approval, the Shire is gradually educating and encouraging owners to apply and seek approval for any existing holiday houses over a 12-month period (from August 2021 to August 2022). 

Please refer to the Shire’s Local Planning Policy No 1 for further information on required information to be submitted with your application.

First Time Applicants

Application Form (word.docx)

Fire Emergency Response Plan (word.docx)

Management Plan (word.docx)

Example Code of Conduct (word.docx)

Lodgment Checklist (word.docx)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Licence Renewal

Application Form (word.docx)

Lodgment Checklist Renewals (word.docx)

Lodgment Checklist Renewals (PDF)