Unlawful Building Work

1. Forms

2. Fees Payable

  • All fees are payable at the time of lodging the application

3. Plans
General note: Two (2) complete set of plans, details and specifications must be submitted with your application.
All plans and details must be legible, drawn to scale and include a title block containing lot address, page numbers, a project title and date.

  • A certificate of building compliance (CBS), issued by a third party building surveyor;
  • Where the local government or the building surveyor deems it necessary a structural engineer needs to inspect the existing structure and submit a report.
  • Copies of all plans and specifications denoted on the CBC.
  • A copy of technical certificates, (i.e. energy effiency certificate, etc).
  • Evidence of any prescribed authorities' approval.
  • Septic system approval where applicable.
  • Evidence of any prescribed notifications given.
  • Appropriate consent forms or court orders where work encroaches onto or adversely affects other land.

General Notes:
Where insuffcient details are provided, more details may be requested by the Building Surveyor in order to assess the structure for compliance with the
provisions of the National Construction Code.