Private Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Building Permit Application
Swimming Pool

1. Forms

2. Fees

  • All fees are payable at the time of lodging the application.

3. Plans

General note: Two (2) complete sets of plans, details and specifications must be submitted with your application.
All plans and details must be legible, drawn to scale and include a title block containing lot address, page numbers, a project title and date. 

Site Plan (minimum scale 1:200)

  • Clearly indicate all property boundaries, boundary dimensions and existing buildings.
  • Clearly indicate the distance from the existing buildings and property boundaries to the proposed pool or spa.
  • Position of Effluent Disposal system (unsewered areas only) storm-water drains or easements.
  • Locations and heights of stabilized embarkments e.g. retaining wall(s).
  • North Point. 

The following details of existing development on adjoining land:

  • The ground levels of the adjoining land in proximity to the proposed pool.
  • Location of neighboring buildings (distances from boundary).

Safety Barrier Details

  • Position of isolation safety barrier fence, gate location and direction of swing.
  • Drawings and specifications of materials to be used. Where glass is proposed, manufacturer's details to comply with Australian Standard AS1288.

4. Structural Engineering Details for Concrete and Brick Pools

  • Structural detail drawings signed by practicing engineer for structural adequacy. Or Structural Adequacy Certificate for as-built pool signed by practicing engineer.
  • A soil classification may be required or requested by the Building Health Officer to confirm foundations and drainage requirement.
  • Concrete/Brickwork specifications.
  • Footing dimensions.
  • Reinforcement size and location.
  • Wall thickness.
  • Water Proofing details.

5. Swimming Pool Blankets

  • An outdoor private swimming pool or spa associated with a Class 1 building must be installed with a Blanket approved by the Smart Approved Watermark Scheme.