Private Swimming Pools

Checklist for Building Permit Application - Swimming Pool

1. Forms

  • Building Permit Application form; either a certified BA1 form or an uncertified BA2 form. Certified means you have engaged a private Building Surveyor to complete the relevant certificates, uncertified means the Local Authority Building Surveyor will assess and complete the relevant certificates.Theduty of the Building Surveyor is to ensure compliance with the relevant building standards, legislative requirements, and town planning matters. For further information please refer to Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation and Safety

  • Water Corporation Approval Stamp.

  • BA20 or BA20A Form for adjoining property owner's consent where works are proposed that will affect adjoining land. For further information please refer to Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation and Safety

2. Fees

  • All fees are payable at the time of lodging the application.

3. Plans

General note: Two (2) complete sets of plans, details and specifications must be submitted with your application.
All plans and details must be legible, drawn to scale and include a title block containing lot address, page numbers, a project title and date. 

Site Plan (minimum scale 1:200)

  • Clearly indicate all property boundaries, boundary dimensions and existing buildings.
  • Clearly indicate the distance from the existing buildings and property boundaries to the proposed pool or spa.
  • Position of Effluent Disposal system (unsewered areas only) storm-water drains or easements.
  • Locations and heights of stabilized embarkments e.g. retaining wall(s).
  • North Point. 

The following details of existing development on adjoining land:

  • The ground levels of the adjoining land in proximity to the proposed pool.
  • Location of neighboring buildings (distances from boundary).

Safety Barrier Details

  • Position of isolation safety barrier fence, gate location and direction of swing.
  • Drawings and specifications of materials to be used. Where glass is proposed, manufacturer's details to comply with Australian Standard AS1288.

4. Structural Engineering Details for Concrete and Brick Pools

  • Structural detail drawings signed by practicing engineer for structural adequacy. Or Structural Adequacy Certificate for as-built pool signed by practicing engineer.
  • A soil classification may be required or requested by the Building Health Officer to confirm foundations and drainage requirement.
  • Concrete/Brickwork specifications.
  • Footing dimensions.
  • Reinforcement size and location.
  • Wall thickness.
  • Water Proofing details.

5. Swimming Pool Blankets

  • An outdoor private swimming pool or spa associated with a Class 1 building must be installed with a Blanket approved by the Smart Approved Watermark Scheme.