Planning approvals and building permits are different and are controlled by different legislation. This means that you may need to apply for planning approval, or a building permit, or both depending on your proposed development or land use.

If your development does require planning approval, you must obtain the planning approval before lodging an application for a building permit.  Site plans, elevations and floor plans are required for a planning application, however more detailed construction drawings are required for the separate building application process.

The Shire of Shark Bay is responsible for controlling land use and the design and positioning of all buildings. It is also responsible for ensuring building plans comply with the operative Town Planning Scheme, the Residential Design Codes, the Shire's Policies and the Building Code of Australia.

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website has information on Building, including a handy guide to the building approvals process in WA, as well as current building forms, notices and certificates.  

When is a Building Permit Required?

A building permit is required prior to commencing any development including, but not limited to, pools, spas, patios, sheds, dwellings, group dwellings, retaining walls, pergolas, garages, extensions and commercial buildings.  All front, side and dividing fences require a Building Permit when proposed in wind region C as defined in Australian Standard 1170.2. This includes Denham Town site which is in wind region C.

To obtain a Building Permit or a Demolition Permit, a Building Permit Application together with copies of all plans and specifications must be submitted to the Shire Administration Office.

Types of Building Permit Applications

There are two main types of Building Permit applications, a Certified Application (Form BA1) and Uncertified Application (Form BA2).

Certified Application

A Certified Application process is typically used for commercial (Classes 2-9) buildings but can be used for all classes of buildings where required. All commercial buildings are required to go through the certified approval process.  Certified Applications require the BA1 form.

Typically a Private Certifier (Building Surveyor) would approve the Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) with all the attached plans, relevant approvals, certificates and documents. Once application has been lodged and fees paid, the Principal Building Surveyor will assess the plans prior to approving the Building Permit and compliance is met. 

The Shire has the ability under the Building Legislation to process the CDC for the Certified Application pathway internally; with an added set fee as an alternative to engaging a Private Certifier.

Uncertified Application

An uncertified approval cannot be issued for a commercial classed building or structure (Classes 2-9) as this permit process is purely for residential developments (Class 1 & 10 buildings). Uncertified Applications require the BA2 Form.

An uncertifed application is dealt with entirely in house as one process including the certification of the CRC. All relevant plans are to be assessed by the Principal Building Surveyor and the Building Permit is approved if compliance is met.

For more information on uncertified applications, please view the Building Commission's Guide to Lodging an Uncertified Building Application.

Certificate of Design Compliance

A Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) is an approved document signed off by a registered Building Surveyor that certifies the design of the proposed building works in compliance to the Australian Standards, BCA and all other associated legislation. Both Certified and Uncertified Permits require a CDC prior to approval.

A CDC cannot be signed off until a Development Approval, if applicable, is provided and an approval for Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal, if applicable, has been sought after and approved.

A Guide to the Building Approval Process in Western Australia 

This guide will help you understand the process for obtaining approval to build and occupy a building in Western Australia.

A guide to the building approvals process in Western Australia | Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (

Building Permit Application Forms

Building Permit Application - Envelope Front Cover   (this is required for all building applications)

Building Application Forms including the 'Application for Building Permit - Certified (BA1)' and 'Application for Building Permit - Uncertified (BA2).  

Building Permit Applications can also be obtained from the Shire office.

Applications must be accompanied by all required plans and associated fees in order to be lodged with the Shire.

Applications can be submitted via post to Shire of Shark Bay, PO Box 106, Denham WA 6537, emailed to or in person at the Shire Administration office located at 65 Knight Terrace, Denham.

More information is available on the Shire website for Residential Dwellings, Outbuildings, DemolitionSwimming Pools and retaining walls.

Should you have any queries, please contact Shire Administration via email or call 08 9948 1218.