Demolition Permit Application 

If you intend to demolish all or part of any building or other structure, including outbuildings, a fence containing asbestos material, you need to submit a Demolition Permit Application, to enable the 
Shire to confirm that there is no reason why the building should not be demolished, to effectively regulate the manner in which the demolition occurs, in the interests of vermin control, and managing
potential health hazards and discomfort to neighbours and also having regard to any possible 'heritage' significance. 


1. Forms and Supporting Documents 

  • Demolition Permit Application Form - BA5 (
  • Pro Forma Statement on Planning. For some demolition proposals, a planning approval may be required before a demolition permit can be issued.
    The pro forma is designed to ensure planning is addressed prior to the lodgement of a Demolition Permit Application, which will in turn
    assist in the timely processing of the demolition application.
  • BA20 or BA20A Form. For adjoining property owner's consent where proposed works will affect adjoining land. For more information go to WA Building Commission.
  • Decommission Certificate of Apparatus for Effluent Disposal from the Shire of Shark Bay (where septics and leach drain and present).

2. Fees payable

  • All fees are payable at the time of lodging the application. 

3. Plans

General note: Two (2) complete sets of plans and details must be submitted with your application. 
All plans and details must be legible, drawn to scale and include a title block containing lot address, page numbers, a project title and date.

Site Plan (minimum scale 1:200)

  • Clearly indicate all property boundaries, boundary dimensions and existing buildings.
  • Clearly indicate the distance from the existing buildings and property boundaries.
  • Position of stormwater drains or easements.
  • Locations and heights of stablised embarkments e.g. retaining wall(s). 
  • North point.
  • Control area for asbestos decontamination of tools and PPE.
  • Location of bins/waste transport.
  • Access and travel path of vehicle movements.
  • Location of neighbouring buildings (distances from boundary).

Site Safety Details

  • Warning signs to be erected and location noted on site plan.
  • Traffic control, road closures and pedestrian controls provided as indentified and where required.
  • Details of security measures to prevent access to site.

4. Health Requirements

  • Persons in adjoining properties that might be affected by the asbestos removal activities must also be consulted.
    Adjoining owner or tenant consultation letter to be supplied by applicant. 
  • The site specific risk assessment report to include details as per Code of Practice for the Safe Removal Of Asbestos 2nd Edition [NOHSC:2002(2005)] 
    section 7.2.4 and must be supplied to the Shire of Shark Bay by the applicant for a building permit or demolition licence.
  • The site specific control management plan must include all relevant details as per the Code of Prectice for the Safe Removal Of Asbestos 2nd Edition
    [NOHSC:2002(2005)] section 8.1. Table 1 must be supplied to the Shire of Shark Bay by the applicant for a building permit or Demolition licence. 
  • Supply a copy of the Asbestos Contractor's licences that will be responsible for the removal of the asbestos.
  • For the purposes of Building regulation section 21(1)(o) it is a requirement fr the granting of a demolition permit that the applicant has provided evidence
    to the local government that the building or incidential structure to be demolished has been treated so as to ensure that it is not infested by rodents,
    cockroaches and other vermin's at the time of the demolition. 

Evidence of notification to utilities and groups as per Building Regulations 2012 19 (2) to accompany application.

  • Notification of the name, address and contact number of the applicant for a demolition permit and the name of the local government to which the application
    is made to be given to the Heritage Council of Western Australia if the place to which the application relates - 
    (i) is subject to a Heritage Agreement made under the Heritage Act section 29; or
    (ii) is entered in the Register of Heritage Places established under the Heritage Act section 46; or
    (iii) is subject to a Conservation Order under the Heritage Act section 59; or
    (iv) is subject to an Order in Council made under the Heritage Act section 80.
  • The notification required under the Occupational Saftey and Health Regulations 1996, regulation 3.119.
  • Notification of the intended demolition work to each person who provided electricity, gas, telephone or water services tot he place that is the subject of the application.

 General Notes:

  • Where insufficient details are provided, more details may be requested by the Building Surveyor in order to assess the application for compliance with the relevant standards.
  • The licensed Asbestos Contractor must ensure that a risk assessment is performed by a competent person prior to the asbestos removal and that the asbestos removalist takes this risk assesment into account in developing the asbestos removal control plan.
  • Decommissioning of septic tanks and leach-drains must be witnessed by the Shire Building Health Officer.