In the event of an emergency, community members are to take shelter at our Evacuation Centre (Shark Bay Recreation Centre, Francis Road Denham).


It is estimated that a cyclone impact causing wind gusts in excess of 90 km/h in the vicinity of Shark Bay occurs about once every five years on average.

In general, cyclones weaken as they move southwards over cooler water.

The semi-enclosed bays exposed to strong winds increases the risk of Shark Bay to storm surge.

Cyclones have occurred from December to May although they are most frequent in February and March.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services issue the following cyclone alerts, Blue, Yellow, Red and All Clear.

  • Blue Alert 
    Get Ready for a cyclone. You need to start preparing for cyclone weather
  • Yellow Alert 
    Take action and get ready to shelter from a cyclone. You need to prepare for the arrival of a cyclone.
  • Red Alert 
    Take shelter from the cyclone. You need to go shelter immediately.
  • All Clear
    The Cyclone has passed but take care. Wind and Storm surge dangers have passed but you need to take care to avoid the dangers caused by damage.

For more information regarding cyclones, please refer to Bureau of Meteorology - About Tropical Cyclones


Severe Fire Warnings from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services are issued when necesary and updated on Emergency WA website. 


Severe Weather Warnings from the Australian Government Bureau are issued when necessary and updated on Australian Government of Meteorology - Western Australia