Film Friendly Location

Our Region

We are located in the World Heritage Listed Area, with a range of venues that provide the perfect backdrop for all film genres. The regions landscapes and habitats range from rugged sea cliffs along the coast to tranquil bays and inlets fringed with wide beaches of sand and shells. The popular areas include Steep Point, Dirk Hartog Island, Monkey Mia, Francois Peron National Park and Denham townsite.

Apply to Film

If you wish to film on Shire of Shark Bay property, public spaces or outdoor areas such as footpaths, roads and parks within the Shire, you must first obtain the Shire's permission. Prior to submitting this application please ensure you have made contact with the Shire of Shark Bay’s Film Friendly Liaison Officer to discuss the production and identify potential issues or protocols that may need to be observed.

Please note, third party approval from Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Shark Bay World Heritage Committee and/or Malgana Aboriginal Corporation may be required. Please be mindful of the additional approval process.

An application for filming at Shire of Shark Bay places and spaces must be submitted 5 business days prior to the intended date of filming. Applications that require third party approvals must be submitted within 10 business days notice.

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Looking for film extras or special skills? 

Visit the Shark Bay community groups webpage or our local phone book for contact details. 

Contact Us

For further information, please contact the Shire's Film Friendly Liaison Officer on 9948 1218 or 

Check out ScreenWest  website for other locations in WA, filming resources and funding support.