The Shire of Shark Bay is responsible for controlling land use and the design and positioning of all buildings. It is also responsible for ensuring building plans comply with the operative Town Planning Scheme, the Residential Design Codes, the Shire's Policies and the Building Code of Australia. Therefore, it is usually necessary to obtain two or more different approvals from the Shire, before commencing any development. Applying for Planning Approval is Step 1 of the process.

It is important to note that planning approval may be required not only for new construction but also for a change in land use or establishing a new land use on a property. 

Should you have any queries regarding planning approvals and requirements, please contact the Shire's Consultant Planning Officer, Liz Bushby, at Town Planning Innovations by email or call 0488 910 869 (Tuesday-Friday).

How to Apply for Planning Approval

There are 'General Information' and 'Commonly asked questions' documents available on our website to assist you with your application (see below).

The required forms can also be downloaded from our website (see below), or obtained from the Shire Administration Office.

All relevant plans must accompany application forms and planning fees must be paid at time of application. 

Delays may occur if your application is incomplete, or more information is needed to accurately assess your application.

Applications can be submitted via post to Shire of Shark Bay, PO Box 106, Denham WA 6537, emailed to or in person at the Shire Administration office located at 65 Knight Terrace, Denham.

Planning Application Forms and Further Information

The following documents are available to assist you with your Planning Application:

1. Planning Application - General Information
2. Planning Application - Checklist
3. Planning Application - Envelope Cover (REQUIRED FOR ALL APPLICATIONS)
4. Planning Application - Form (REQUIRED FOR ALL APPLICATIONS) updated March 2021
5. Planning Application - Commonly Asked Questions

** Remember to save the form once completed, otherwise your entered data will not be saved.

Applications are to be emailed to or posted to Shire of Shark Bay, PO Box 126, Denham WA 6537.