Vehicle Crossovers

Vehicle crossovers are subject to Councils Crossover Policy, see below:

Vehicle Crossovers - Policy Manual Division 2.1 Crossings

1. A standard crossing as referred to by the Regulation 15 of the Uniform Local Provisions Regulations comprises either:

  • A 150 mm compacted and water bound road base driveway, sealed with two coat of bitumen and topped with an approved aggregate.
  • A minimum of 100 mm reinforced concrete over a compacted sub-base.
  • A minimum of 50 mm thick brick pavers, or
  • other as approved by Council

from kerb to the front boundary line and tied in or made contiguous with abutting structures (kerbs, footpaths and driveways).

2. The minimum width of the standard crossing shall be 3.0 metres for residences, 4.0 metres for commercial, 6.0 metres for light industrial, 6.0 metres for heavy industrial and 7.5 metres for service stations each with a 1.5 metre radius "fishtail' onto-the kerb line.

3. The gradient shall be positive 2% for the first 1.5 metres from the kerb line.

4. The Shire of Shark Bay will contribute to one crossing per property only.

5. Where the ratepayer elects to construct a crossover, the Council's contribution shall not exceed 50% of the cost of the crossover as defined in paragraphs (1) and (2) and in Council's Fees and Charges Schedule. The square metres calculated shall be the length (from the road kerb to the property line) multiplied by the nominal width. The ratepayer must produce documents stating the full cost of the crossing.

For further information on crossovers, their construction, or eligibility for a subsidy, please contact the Works Manager, Brian Galvin on 0428 178 501