The zoning of properties is shown on the Shire of Shark Bay Local Planning Scheme No 3 maps. 

The Scheme maps show the classification of land (either as a reserve or a particular zone) within the Shire, and the Scheme Text prescribes the land uses which may or may not be permitted in the various zones. Some landuses and development require specific Council approval in different zones.

The zoning and land use of properties can change over time for a number of reasons. The Shire strongly recommends that you check the zoning of any property prior to purchase.

Zoning Advice

You can obtain zoning information by contacting the Shire's Consultant Planning Officer, Liz Bushby, at Town Planning Innovations by telephone from 8:00am to 5:00pm Tuesday to Friday on 0488 910 869

You will need to provide sufficient information for identification of the property, such as the Lot number, street address, Certificate of Title details and /or ownership details. As the Scheme maps do not contain house or lot numbers, the Shire's Planning Officer usually has to check the location of a property before confirming the zoning on the Scheme map. 

You can email the property details to liz@tpiplanning.com.au and the Shire's Planning Officer will confirm the zoning of a property in writing. 

A full copy of the Shire of Shark Bay Local Planning Scheme No 3 (text and maps) can be viewed on the website of the Western Australian Planning Commission under 'The Planning System - Local Planning Schemes' - http://www.planning.wa.gov.au