Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Shark Bay is a World Heritage Listed Area since 13 December 1991 for our outstanding natural values: 

  • Outstanding examples representing the major stage of Earth's evolutionary history - Stromatolites 
  • Outstanding examples representing significant ongoing geological process, biological evolution and man's interaction with his natural environment - Faure Sill
  • Superlative natural phenomena, formation or features: for instance outstanding examples of the most important ecosystems, areas of exceptional natural beauty or exception combinations of natural and cultural elements - the inundated birridas and lagoons such as Big Lagoon and Little Lagoon. 
  • The most important and significant natural habitats where threatened species of animals or plants of outstanding universal value still survive - Shark Bay is home to 5 out of Australia's 26 endangered mammal.

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Our World Heritage Neighbourhood

The Gascoyne region is truly special having two World Heritage areas in close proximity - the Ningaloo Coast and Shark Bay. Both sites are renowned for their incredible natural environments, wildlife and wilderness tourism experiences.  

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