Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Shark Bay is a World Heritage Listed Area since 13 December 1991 for our outstanding natural values: 

  • Outstanding examples representing the major stage of Earth's evolutionary history - Stromatolites 
  • Outstanding examples representing significant ongoing geological process, biological evolution and man's interaction with his natural environment - Faure Sill
  • Superlative natural phenomena, formation or features: for instance outstanding examples of the most important ecosystems, areas of exceptional natural beauty or exception combinations of natural and cultural elements - the inundated birridas and lagoons such as Big Lagoon and Little Lagoon. 
  • The most important and significant natural habitats where threatened species of animals or plants of outstanding universal value still survive - Shark Bay is home to 5 out of Australia's 26 endangered mammal.

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Our World Heritage Neighbourhood

The Gascoyne region is truly special having two World Heritage areas in close proximity - the Ningaloo Coast and Shark Bay. Both sites are renowned for their incredible natural environments, wildlife and wilderness tourism experiences.  

For more information on the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area 

Destination Shark Bay

Destination Shark Bay is expected to reinvigorate visitor sites, realise transformational economic growth, promote Malgana aspirations for the World Heritage area, protect environmental and cultural values and bolster the regional economy. Destination Shark Bay forms part of the State Government’s Two Year Action Plan for Nature Based Tourism (2019-20) and it also meets the State’s Action Plan goal of attracting more people to regional areas by improving nature based experiences.