Marine Facilities

Boat Launching 

Boat ramps suitable for launching large boarts are located in Denham, Monkey Mia and Nanga Bay Resort. Small boats can be launched off the beach at Bottle Bay, South Gregories and Herald Bight in Francois Peron National Park, Shelter Bay in the Edel Land National Park (near Steep Point). 

For further information and map, please visit Department of Transport. 

Marine Rescue Radio Channels

  • 27mHz Channel 88
  • VHF Channel 16
  • Emergency Use Only VMR 675 or SB001
Some important things to consider while engaging in boating activities in the Shark Bay Area:
  • Shark Bay often experiences strong southerly winds in the summer months. Always check conditions before heading out.
  • Shark Bay’s waters are generally shallow, so keeled boats can have difficulty navigating in many areas.
  • Boat access is restricted in certain areas to protect sensitive habitats
  • Anchors cause severe damage to coral and seagrass and should only be used in bare sand
  • Please help to protect our native wildlife by reducing speed around dugongs, turtles and whales. 
  • Always keep at least 50m from dugongs and turtles, 100m from whales and do not go within 30 degrees either side of their direction of travel.

Fish Cleaning Facility'image description'

The Shire has provided two fish cleaning facilities at the west end of Knight Terrace.

Fresh water is available for cleaning fish only. Water is very precious in Denham so please don't take advantage of the water supply.

Blue Offal bins are also provided.