Venue Bookings

The Shire of Shark Bay has a number of facilities available for booking that are suitable for some occasions, such as meetings, corporate events, community events and weddings.

Before booking a venue, please contact the Shire Office for further information on the most suitable option for your event and availability. 

Venue available for hire

  • Denham Town Hall
  • Denham Town Oval
  • Shark Bay Recreation Centre Courts and/or Meeting Room
  • George Wear Park, Denham Foreshore
  • Overlander Hall

For further information on the Shire's venues, please refer to our Venue Hire Information Pack. To complete your booking, please refer to the Venue Hire Form - Events.  

Community Bus

The Shire of Shark Bay has a 20 seater (plus driver) bus avaliable to hire for community groups. A Nominated Driver must be provided when hiring the bus. To complete the application form, please refer to Community Bus Form


Additional equipment is avaliable to hire for your event, please discuss your requirements at the time of your booking: 

  • Portable stage
  • Portable audio system
  • Marque
  • Temporary fencing
  • Trestle tables
  • Chairs


Denham Town Oval                                                                                                    George Wear Park, Denham Foreshore        

Shark Bay Recreation Centre Meeting Room                                                         Denham Town Hall