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Information on roads is gathered constantly. When there is a significant change, an up-to-date bulletin will be issued. This information applies only to road and sections of roads within the Shire of Shark Bay. Information can be obtained by phoning the Shire office on (08) 9948 1218, during normal office hours.

DATE LAST UPDATED:  1:49 pm  11 APRIL 2019

Please note this page will only be updated when the status of a road changes or when the road has been assessed.


Butchers Track South Eastern Region OPEN
Carbla Road North Region OPEN
Eagle Bluff Road Western Region OPEN
Fowlers Camp Road Western Region OPEN
Gilroyd Road North East Region OPEN
Goulet Bluff Road Western Region OPEN
Refuse Site Road Town Area OPEN
Taliska Yalardy East Region OPEN
Useless Loop Road Western Region OPEN
Whalebone Road Western Region OPEN
Woodleigh- Byro Road North Eastern Road OPEN 
Yalardy Road North East Region OPEN
Little Lagoon Road Town Area OPEN
Francois Peron National Park Managed by Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions Please call 08 9948 2226 for Road Status