Fire Breaks

In accordance with Section 33 of the Bush Fires Act 1954-81, you are required to carry out fire prevention work on land owned or occupied by you in accordance with the provisions of this order. This order is made to advise individual land owners that it is their responsibility for fire prevention. The penalty for non-compliance with this notice is a maximum fine of $5,000, and notwithstanding prosecution. Council may enter upon the land and carry out required works at the owner's / occupiers expense. 

Fire Breaks must be completed by 1st November every year and must be maintained clear of inflammable material up to and including 30th April.

For further information please refer to the Fire Notice and Requirements

Fire Break Contractor Contacts

  • Rick Moroney: 0447 332 256
  • Oakley Earthworks - Bobby Oakley: 0407 979 374
  • Denham Bobcats - John Wilson: 0418 940 239
  • Robbie Van Esch:  0477 421 364