The Shire of Shark Bay is made up of seven Councillors representing two Wards, including the President and Deputy President who are elected to the positions by the Council.  

Local Government Elections are held in October every two years. At each biannual election at least half the Shire of Shark Bay Councillors are elected for a term of four years.

October 2021 Elections

Notification of Results

2021 Local Government Election Results

Denham Ward

Bellottie, Laurence (Ben)

Fenny, Ed

Useless Loop / Pastoral Ward

Vankova, Mira

Interested in becoming a Councillor

Becoming a Councillor for your local government can be a highly rewarding and honourable experience. If you enjoy dealing with people from all walks of life, like to be involved in decisions affecting your community, are over 18 years of age and on the electoral roll for the area, then consider nominating as a candidate in your upcoming local government elections.

Please contact the Shire of Shark Bay office on 9948 1218 for further information.

Enrolling to Vote

If you are a resident and already registered correctly on the State or Commonwealth Electoral Roll you are automatically enrolled to vote in the Shire elections.  To check your electoral enrolment, visit

Owners or occupiers of Shire property who are not residents are also eligible to vote and can apply to go on the Shire's electoral roll. 

The Electoral Roll closes 50 days prior to any election.

Postal Voting

Council Elections in Shark Bay are conducted as a postal election. The Western Australian Electoral Commission is contracted to conduct the Shire of Shark Bay elections.

Election packages are posted to all electors on the roll about three weeks before Election Day. 

The packages can be returned by mail or hand delivered and placed in a sealed ballot box at the Shire of Shark Bay, Administration Building, 65 Knight Terrace, Denham up until 6.00pm on Election Day.

The count commences at 6.00pm and the results will be announced later that evening.

More Information on Local Government Elections may be obtained from the Department of Local Government website.

You can check your enrollment details on the Western Australian Electoral Commission.